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Navigate the hazards of bargain software development like a pro to get the right product at the right price.

With the rising demands of digital transformation, IT budgets have to stretch farther than ever. It’s tempting to let cost be the overriding factor when outsourcing software development.

What seems like a good idea in the moment can be a huge mistake in the long run. Too often a low bid hides add-ons and mistakes that drive the final cost past even quotes from high-end development agencies.

52% of software projects cost nearly double their original budgets, and 31% are abandoned before completion. That’s a lot of wasted investment.

There is a way to find quality software development at a reasonable price. This free report outlines an effective strategy for avoiding the worst risks of bargain software development.

Inside are real world case studies and executive-level advice on topics like:

  • Where the outsourcing process breaks down (and how to fix it)
  • Why low bids can be deceptive
  • Choosing between offshore and domestic developers
  • Dealing with freelance developers

Don’t wait until after a disastrous project to learn the risks. Download “Overcoming the Challenges of Bargain Software” today and take the first step towards finding a balance between quality and cost.

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